Requires multiple var declaration.

Types: Boolean or String or Object

Values: true or "onevar" or allExcept: ['require']

If requireMultipleVarDecl defined as a true value, it will report only consecutive vars, if, on the other hand, value equals to "onevar" string, requireMultipleVarDecl will allow only one var per function scope.

If the value is allExcept: ['require'], then require statements are allowed to have a var declaration per variable.

JSHint: onevar


"requireMultipleVarDecl": true
var x = 1,
    y = 2;
Valid for allExcept: ['require']
var a = require("a");
var b = require("b");
var c = 1,
    d = 2;
var x = 1;
var y = 2;
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